About Join Up Horse

Join Up Horse - the new social network for the equestrian community with top-notch features, like chat, followers system, and discovering nearby users and places. Meet new friends and share your passion for the horse world. Wherever you are, now show off your horses and become the talk of the community with our platform.


The Social Media for Equestrians

Join Up Horse is a top-notch social media platform designed for equestrians. Be part of a community that shares a love for horses as we combine the widely preferred functionalities of social media to make your experience wholesome. If you are someone who loves to post about your horses on social media and network with others like you across the world or trade horses, you are in the right place. Whether you are a rider, breeder, trainer, own a club or stable, take delight in socialising with like-minded people who share the same interests. Enjoy an equestrian social media crafted by equestrians like you.


More than an platform - It is a World of Features

Equestrians are seeking something different from the usual social media experience, which led us to create a distinct platform for horse lovers. With very few opportunities for the community, we wanted to build something special.


  • Join Up Horse is not only a website or app but a fully functional social network that offers flexibility in usage, be it your computer or mobile.
  • Share your profile, photos and videos, connect with others and track your equine activity.
  • You can join groups within the platform to give life to your own niche community of equestrians.
  • Did a profile grab your attention? Follow them, chat and get to know each other well before arranging a real-life meeting.
  • Use your smartphone to track your entire ride in real-time.
  • Access the marketplace. Leverage a community where you can sell or buy horses or equipment for them.


A Dedicated Social Network for Passionate Equestrians

Whilst the trend of owning horses is old and the world is familiar with it, recent digitisation has necessitated the need for an upgrade. Maybe you are a rider or trying to promote your business, you are probably using social media to do so. However, if you want to develop your profile and stand out amongst the rest, an online community is the best way. Our social media network brings people together. From professionals to amateurs, there are no eligibility criteria to be part of Join Up Horse. If you love horses, we believe that is enough for you to be an equestrian.


As mainstream social media is filled with a wide variety of people and businesses, we know that you needed a dedicated solution, and Join Up Horse has answered. Post pictures, videos and statuses about your horses and be found by others like you. Our social media platform helps you build your profile both personally and professionally, enabling participation and communication with the massive equine community by sharing images, videos, blogs and much more. Reaching your target audience is now easier than ever.


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